“We use Knowing Rediscovered with every group of international interns we have. It is like a light switch that turns on their identities and draws them more fully into who they were made to be. It’s a catalyst for incredibly deep and productive conversations leading to genuine life change.”

Debs Walker

Director of 7More, Houston TX, Recipient of Team John Legend Local Changemaker Award

Through truth telling and freedom principles, Identity Exchange has helped transform the way I think and live. This has impacted not only my life and business but all my relationships and given new meaning and possibilities to the future.

Steve Petermeyer

Real Estate Broker/Investor, Portland, OR

“Knowing Rediscovered has been a catalyst which prompts honest discussion in more than 70 of our small groups. Jamie and Donna’s teaching and stories reveal a clear understanding of how to better discern the voice of God, receive and release forgiveness, and to operate confidently in true identity.

Derek Harden

Lead Pastor, Christ Fellowship Church, Kingsport TN

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Video Series with Study Guide

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