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Knowing Rediscovered has been a catalyst of transformation for thousands of people worldwide. It is thrilling to begin taking the deep dive with you into understanding the Kingdom of God through listening prayer and living fearlessly in your true identity. We will be with you every step of the way experiencing God and one another through the videos, study guide and personal interaction.


Please be sure to use the KR Study Guide to get the most out of the video sessions.
There are pre-video questions that should be answered before you come to your forum.
These questions will be discussed before you watch the video together.
Then there are post-video questions to be discussed together as a debrief after the video.

Finally, there are actions steps based on what you are learning as a follow up before you meet again.

Please download the Study Guide and read the introduction to get started.

For more information about Knowing Rediscovered, please visit identityexchange.com

Knowing Rediscovered Session 1

Knowing Rediscovered Session 2

Knowing Rediscovered Session 3

Knowing Rediscovered Session 4

Knowing Rediscovered Session 5

Knowing Rediscovered Session 6

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