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Kristie Sartell operates as an agent of healing by creating an atmosphere of unconditional love and acceptance through identity coaching, spiritual direction and training leaders.  When she met the Winships in 2015, they discovered their shared passion for identity. She credits the process of exchanging false identities for true identities for much of her own freedom and has integrated it as a core value into the spiritual direction she offers.

Kristie has a Masters in Spiritual Formation from The Portland Seminary and is a certified Spiritual Director, and currently serves as Identity Exchange Coaching Team Lead. Since 2008 she has been practicing spiritual care with an identity-centric lens of the Enneagram and the Drama triangle.  Kristie is passionate about healing the toxic effects of shame by helping clients identify and work through life long blocks with the IE process.

She and Nate are raising two high school aged daughters in Portland, Oregon. When they’re not avidly cheering on the Timbers soccer team, they enjoy walking their dogs, hiking and spending time with friends.


When Keli DeWitt received her identity in the kingdom, everything started to make sense. No wonder she felt most vibrant breaking down big ideas into manageable parts, navigating delicate situations between differing parties and helping others see abstract concepts in practical metaphors: that’s what an Interpreter of Truth does! As a capstone, Keli received certifications in Life Coaching and Positive Psychology, adding another element to her life experiences.

Living cross-culturally on three continents as a wife to David, an entrepreneur, a mother to their children and an integrated member of her community, Keli developed a passion for distilling information into consumable pieces that has the potential to transform lives.

Keli met Jamie and Donna when their families overlapped for a season in the Middle East. As Identity Exchange expanded to include coaching, Keli was thrilled to join and be part of helping people learn to walk fearlessly in their true identities! She works from her home in the Atlanta area.



Norris Williams discovered his identity as a teenager in 1973. Fearless freedom and confidence mark his journey, as well as liberating a passion for identity discovery in others. Navigating with a clear understanding of strategy and tactics, he coaches by facilitating discovery of false identities while inspiring courage to prune away suckers, releasing delicious fruits of true identity. Norris’ path of serving men and women includes successful business owners to displaced refugees; CEO’s to juvenile delinquents; farmers to professional athletes, and more. He serves people across the US, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe.

Norris has been married to his girlfriend Laurie since 1980 and together they operate a small organic cherry orchard in central Washington State. They have 4 married children and 9 grandchildren. Norris has brought his identity to his roles as husband, father and grandfather as well as student (degrees in agriculture business and Biblical studies), waiter, salesman, forklift and truck driver, professional football player, quarter horse rancher/trainer/farrier, director of 400-acre ranch for juvenile delinquent boys, wilderness survival instructor, international leadership trainer/mentor/coach and cherry farmer.

Norris met Jamie and Donna in 2018 and after hearing about their work for years. He quickly got on track to become an Identity Exchange Coach and began coaching for the company in 2019.

Norris enjoys being outdoors and in the wilderness. He loves being a husband, father and ‘Papa’ to his grandkids. He also likes the challenges presented by chaos, change and uncertainty.


Those who know Kris well would likely tell you she has a fierce tenderness for receiving people as they are. But even more vital to her is the hope that one day they will come to do the same for themselves. You don’t leave a conversation with her wishing you’d said more about yourself, because somehow Kris makes you feel safe in the moment to offer it up. You even experience her gratitude for how it helps her understand you more.

Though Kris received training through a Professional Coaching university program, it’s the countless hours of time logged face-to-face with people which is the foundation of her practice. That, in combination with elements of her own journey, has fostered an ability to partner with clients from varying walks of life.

Kris and her husband, Tom, consider their nearly 3-decade friendship with Jamie and Donna one of their truest gifts. The chance to work together now within the vision of Identity Exchange, fulfills a long time dream for Kris as the concepts around identity have significantly impacted and transformed her personally.

In addition to staying connected to their 3 grown kids, you can also find Kris behind the camera filming her husband who is a known woodworker on TV and online. Together they produce content to inspire creativity and innovation in others around the world. And when the weather’s right, you’ll find Kris taking long walks in her beautiful NH town, with music in her ears, or a book on her Kindle.


Steve Petermeyer was Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and resides with his wife Marilyn in Portland, Oregon. Steve likes to be the first in, preparing the way for people to experience lasting, spiritual transformation. Steve operates in the identities of Father to the Fatherless, Tip of the Spear and Ground Breaker.  

Since 1993 Steve has built a successful career as a realtor, including ownership of a real estate national franchise. Steve, along with his wife Marilyn have always shared a vision of supporting young adults. They have volunteered their time through Young Life for 35 years. In 2010, Los Angeles became a focus and Steve eventually ended up living half time in Southern California mentoring and encouraging people in the entertainment industry. Steve is passionate about facilitating a true spiritual movement of people living fearlessly in their true identity. This period of time in California laid the groundwork for Identity Coaching opportunities around the country. Steve met Jamie Winship in 2014 and became an Identity Exchange Coach in 2018. 

Steve and Marilyn have three grown children and Eight grandchildren all living in the Seattle area.


Holly loves working with Pastors and other church leaders, helping them to hear God more clearly, and working on any healing they might need.  Holly oversees the healing and deliverance ministry at her church in Tempe, AZ.  She is also a Spiritual Director in Fuller Seminary’s Phd program “The Holy Spirit and Leadership Development.” Holly enjoys ecumenical work and participates with the “John 17 Movement” based in Phoenix.  Holly teaches on various topics related to the Holy Spirit and Identity at Phoenix area churches and ministries.

In addition to all of this she is married to Josh who co-pastors their church, and together they have 3 children all in elementary school.  Holly and Josh are  passionate about taking a weekly family Sabbath which makes everything else possible!  Holly loves the desert, reading, weight lifting, and watching their kids play sports.


Matt Doud is an entrepreneur and podcaster in the Kansas City Metro Area. He lives with his wife Stephanie and son Nash and is eagerly awaiting the birth of another son in July 2020. 

Matt’s favorite job ever was caddying at Pebble Beach Golf Club in Monterey, CA, where he realized he loved the role of advisor and coach. Eventually he put his Westmont College business degree to use when he became a financial advisor in Portland, OR. Then in 2013 he became the co-founder of a software company where he now serves as CFO and Director of Operations. Recently he has added podcasting to his repertoire. As co-host of the Renegade Atlas, he explores a variety of topics related to life and health in the Kingdom of God. 

Learning to hear God and know his identity has been absolutely life changing for Matt. He first heard Jamie Winship speak in 2015 and it was the catalyst for dramatic change in his life. In 2016 he met Jamie for the first time and began to learn the Identity Exchange principles of transformation. As a Tiller of the Soil, he breaks new ground that leads people to freedom. Matt loves to ask questions and introduce perspectives that challenge paradigms and help clients discover new ways to think about who they were created to be. Ultimately he wants people to know who they are in Christ and what is possible for them when they walk closely with Him living fearlessly in their true identity!


Catherine Johnson has been with Identity Exchange since its inception. Her core identity is a Trail-Blazing, Truth-Telling, Trusted Child of God. She is a Spiritual Director with Never Alone Spiritual Direction LLC and will complete her Masters in Spiritual Formation at Portland Seminary in 2021.

Catherine has been married to her husband Charlie for 30 years. Together they raised four children who are now adults. For twelve years prior to returning to school, she volunteered weekly giving spiritual support to adult incarcerated women. Catherine earned her B.A. at Stanford University in International Relations. 

Catherine currently resides in the Portland, OR area and enjoys laughing, reading, running, gardening, being with her dear friends and family and most of all experiencing the love of the Trinity.

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