The Unending, Inexhaustible, Awe-inspiring, Creativity-producing, Life Source

Do you want to live at this level of energy? Yes, of course we all do! The key is knowing how to consistently abide in Christ. This can be a daily reality if we are paying attention, in order to gain an awareness of how God is working, to hear His annunciations?and then follow His leading by taking action.

This is not a formula. It is an invitation to trust:
God is for you,
Jesus is with you,
Holy Spirit is in you
It is an invitation to the transformed life.

This video series is in 4 hour-long sessions: Attention, Awareness, Annunciations?and Action. After watching each section, you can use the discussion questions in The Energy Series Study Guide with your small group to gain even deeper insight and step into your own transformation journey.?

Energy Series:

Energy Series: 4 Sessions in Full HD Video


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