About Identity Exchange

Jamie Winship

After decades of work in areas of the world with the highest levels of conflict, Jamie has learned what it takes for individuals to discover the transformative power of living fearlessly in their true identity.

Formerly a police officer in the metro Washington DC area, Jamie was given a unique opportunity to work in SE Asia. He packed up his family, earned a Master’s Degree, and moved to a small island in Indonesia. Little did he know that he would live the next 25 years working with Muslim populations in Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan and Israel/Palestine.

Jamie is the co-founder of Identity Exchange, a training and consulting company on mission to help transformed communities operating in health, wellness and peace.

Donna Winship

Donna is from Virginia and graduated from Radford University with a degree in Elementary Education. After chasing the American dream for a few years, everything changed. Jamie and Donna were given an opportunity to leave it all behind and move to Indonesia. Thus began a journey that would forever change their worldview.

Donna spent the next 25 years raising her family in Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan and Jerusalem, where she discovered the principles of the Kingdom of God as demonstrated by Jesus. When put to daily practice, these principles result in peace that surpasses understanding and truth that results in genuine freedom – even in a culture of war, terrorism, death and conflict.

Donna is the co-founder of Identity Exchange, an organization encouraging community transformation by teaching people how to live fearlessly in their true identity. She is the author of Knowing Rediscovered.

Our Mission

Identity Exchange is a life transformation consulting agency, that is committed to teaching people how to live fearlessly in their true identity.
The aim of Identity Exchange is the resolution of conflict within the soul of an individual resolving the beliefs of unworthiness, shame, guilt, fear and abandonment that are not identities, but belief systems acquired through life events.
Identity Exchange exists to teach and facilitate people to live fearlessly in their unique identity and be empowered in freedom and authenticity to help their communities receive the same transformation.


Want more identity Exchange? Want to bring the concepts of living fearlessly in your true identity to your small or large group? Check out our Resources for adults and children.

Training & Speaking

We offer a focused, experiential approach to discovering your true identity and practical applications for team building, collaboration, and creative problem solving.


Corporate Workshops

Identity is the key to unlocking potential in the workplace. When your team is operating out of their true identities, the company vision is activated and employees are optimized. Professional development goes to a new level with identity at the center.

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