About Identity Exchange

Jamie & Donna

After 25 years of work in the trenches in some of the world’s highest conflict areas, Jamie and Donna have learned what it takes for individuals to discover the transformative power of living fearlessly in their true identity. These transformed individuals are then free to form transformed communities able to transform their world.

Jamie, formerly a police officer in the metro Washington DC area, along with his wife, Donna, formerly an elementary school teacher, have lived for the past 25 years in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Living in these high conflict areas of the world, they learned not only to survive, but to thrive in their unique identities as “Militant Peacemaker” and “Healer.”

Jamie and his wife Donna speak around the US and across the globe. Together, they serve as catalysts to help people find their God-given identity and experience a life of freedom. They teach through dynamic storytelling and creating experiential life application, in ways that allow people to experience the reality of hearing God’s voice in their daily lives. Their teaching has helped thousands of people discover their true destiny.

In 34 years of marriage they have moved 23 times and have lived on 3 continents in 5 different countries, in 15 different cities. The Winships have 3 amazing sons and daughter-in-law’s and 4 fabulous grandchildren (Jamie and Donna photo/Grand Canyon)

Our Mission

Identity Exchange is a life transformation consulting agency, that is committed to teaching people how to live fearlessly in their true identity.

The aim of Identity Exchange is the resolution of conflict within the soul of an individual – resolving the beliefs of unworthiness, shame, guilt, fear and abandonment that are not identities, but belief systems acquired through life events.

Identity Exchange exists to teach and facilitate people to live fearlessly in their unique identity and be empowered in freedom and authenticity to help their communities receive the same transformation.

Our Services

Training & Speaking

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Corporate Consulting

Identity is the key to unlocking potential in the workplace. When your team is operating out of their true identities, the company vision is activated and employees are optimal. Professional development goes to a new level with identity at the center.

Knowing Rediscovered

Most of us live lives that simply conform to the patterns of the world around us. Even with the best of intentions, we often settle for simply mimicking what we perceive as greatness rather than pursuing a living knowledge and connected understanding that inform how to live in our day to day lives.